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Better Muslim Interfaith Peacemaking

Worldwide Fast Month

Dear Friends,
We at Muslim Voice for Peace & Reconciliation would like to invite our Jewish and Christian friends and peoples of other faiths to join with our Muslim brothers and sisters during the month of Ramadan (24 April to 24 May). During this time we will fast and pray from sunrise to sunset. Let it be a month of worldwide fasting and prayer imploring God almighty to end this international pandemic.
While Muslims will already be fasting and praying during this time period, we want to encourage Christians, Jews, and peoples of other faiths to join with us—all of us uniting together–men and women from different nationalities, ethnicities, and faiths–to spiritually uplift each other.

We will work hard together with you and others to make this month-long project succeed, as we have the same goals, bringing people repentantly into a closer relationship with God while making this world a better place for us and future generations.

Again, we thank you for your leadership.

We will fast and pray…
1. …for repentance of sin and for change in our own lives as we seek God’s forgiveness and His help in being better servants to our families, friends, and much better stewards of the Earth.
2. …for healthcare workers, emergency responders, and others on the frontlines of the war against COVID-19.
3. …for individuals who have died from the coronavirus and their families and loved are infected with COVID-19.
4. …for scientists who are desperately searching for treatments, a vaccine, or cure.
5. …for all peoples of planet Earth who are under quarantine–needing patience and determination to continue life.
6. …for a future vision of what God would have us do, knowing His ongoing purpose for us and all forms of life on this planet.
7. …for national economies that have been devastated by the pandemic and its subsequent effects on individuals and families globally.


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