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Reaching out with Hope and Reconciliation in Turkey

Muslim Voice for Peace & Reconciliation (MVPR) leaders Samuel Shropshire and Isa Alhaj Hussein met in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Suleymaneya Mosque with the staff of the Center for Cross Cultural Communication. MVPR is grateful to Mustafa Karnaca and the Center for sponsoring MVPR’s visit to Istanbul.

MVPR hopes to develop collaborative peacemaking programs with the Center in the near future. The Center for Cross Cultural Communication is an NGO established in 2010 in cooperation with the famous, historic Suleymaneya Mosque.

With guest services located in a beautiful facility near the entrance to the Suleymaneya Mosque, the Center utilizes historical, cultural, and religious backgrounds and settings in various areas of Turkey to teach the history and hope of Islam.

“We live in a broken world in need of hope and reconciliation,” said MVPR director Samuel Shropshire. Addressing volunteers and guests of the Center, Shropshire said,”The combined efforts of the Center, MVPR and other agencies, with God’s help, can find a way for peace here in Turkey and the Middle East.”

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