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“You are the future of Pakistan!”

Dear Brothers and Sisters, as-salamu alaykum! I have been speaking to thousands of Pakistani youth in universities and high schools and by radio and TV. I have shared my path to Islam. Our message is so simple: “You are the future of Pakistan. You are the future of Islam. Be peacemakers! When our blessed Prophet (PBUH) entered Taif, he was cursed and stoned. But he never returned a curse on anyone. He never picked up a rock and threw it back. And, when the angel of Allah offered to destroy Taif, our Prophet cried out, ‘No! Someone might repent.’ Our Prophet was, indeed, a Mercy to Mankind.

Be like our Prophet.” Pray for Daniyal Iqbal and the work of Muslim Voice for Peace & Reconciliation in Pakistan. Our greatest means of dawah is demonstrating the behavior of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Thousands of nonbelievers are receiving our call to Islam. Many Muslim youth are dedicating their lives to be more like the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Please give to help us organize MVPR outreach in many nations around the world. Our dawah message is clear: “Islam means peace; peace with Allah and peace with mankind.” Click on “Donate” at

We thank you! ~ Sami Shropshire

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