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We are Muslim men and women promoting world peace, human rights, compassionate justice and religious reconciliation. We speak up for innocent men, women and children, regardless of their faith. We seek to help all who are unjustly treated due to bigotry and prejudice. We work collaboratively with inter-faith groups and other non-government organizations, seeking to be a Muslim voice of peace and reason in the midst of civil unrest and war.

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MVPR summer peace mission to North America
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MVPR summer peace mission to North America

  MVPR founders Samuel Shropshire and Isa Alhaj Hussein will never forget all who stood with them and supported them during the past 4 months of their recent MVPR North American Peace Mission. "Your awesome kindness and help," says Samuel, "inspired us and the entire MVPR team to keep on going, even through major car breakdowns, sickness and other formidable challenges, not the least being safely conducting an international program during this time of pandemic." Shropshire, who is 73, said his team was checked constantly throughout the mission to make sure the Pfizer vaccinations were working. "This loathsome pandemic has closed many borders," he said, "requiring our team to have several PCR tests to prove that the Pfizer vaccinations were working." The MVPR team drove through 28 states and Ontario non-stop for 4 months, speaking as many as 5 times a day! Shropshire expresses his appreciation to all who assisted in carrying out this demanding project. "May God bless and reward you all," he says. He points out that special credit goes to Issam Lagrichi, Jassim Ahmed, Mahmoud Alagha and Taj Hussein. He said that these men gave abundantly of their time, energy and positive spirits. Among the more than…

Reconciliation: Peace is the only option

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  • Alhamfolillah,Br.Samuel,I saw your interview with Dr.Sabeel Ahmad and really liked it.I like your work of translating Quran with footnotes telling Christians and Jews about commonalities.once it is done plz send me link in PDF or its pic so I can buy it InshaaAllah.

    by Muhammad Khan "The Land that Never Sleeps" -- a cry for peace in the Middle East

  • Please take a closer look. This is a prison transferred to another prison. These people are prisoners themselves. They're all bareheaded. It's not about Muslims, okay? Even if it's what you call an education camp, they won't shave their hair.

    by Real China Blindfolded prisoners in Xinjiang

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