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We are Muslim men and women promoting world peace, human rights, compassionate justice and religious reconciliation. We speak up for innocent men, women and children, regardless of their faith. We seek to help all who are unjustly treated due to bigotry and prejudice. We work collaboratively with inter-faith groups and other non-government organizations, seeking to be a Muslim voice of peace and reason in the midst of civil unrest and war.

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Working for Racial Reconciliation

Working for Racial Reconciliation

Muslim Voice for Peace & Reconciliation (MVPR) stands with our black American brothers and sisters during this time of national crisis in the United States. We grieve for George Floyd and other African Americans who have been killed as a result of bigotry and hatred. We must never be silent when someone is murdered by police officers, especially when the victim's color is part of the equation. Police brutality occurs often in the US, especially against African Americans. It must stop. Christians, Muslims, Jews and peoples of other faiths must realise that life in America is still difficult for black men, women and children. After their ancestors experienced 250 years of forced slavery followed by nearly 100 years of extreme segregation, African Americans still live in fear and economic disparity. We thank God for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was a new starting point. It was a landmark civil rights and labor law outlawing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. But we must admit that after 350 years of horrific repression, how can we expect that all African Americans could have fully recovered from the economic hardships imposed on them or that white racism…

Reconciliation: Peace is the only option

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  • Please take a closer look. This is a prison transferred to another prison. These people are prisoners themselves. They're all bareheaded. It's not about Muslims, okay? Even if it's what you call an education camp, they won't shave their hair.

    by Real China Blindfolded prisoners in Xinjiang

  • It is the pleasure believers are promised to enjoy when spending on those in need, to say nothing of the fruitful reward they will gain in the hereafter.

    by Ahmed Hassan Zakari US Muslim restaurant owner serves people and God

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